Script: Jay Pinkerton and Erik Wolpaw

Inks: Heather Campbell

Colors and Cover: Maren Marmulla


Soldier and Zhanna: Best couple, or BEST COUPLE?


if you don’t like engie we can’t be friends


mrsalt answered: "Why would you do that?!"


"Why would you do that?!" Medic’s voice was shrill, a hushed whisper that sounded more like the last dying puffs of sound from a whistle than a grown man. He had two fistfuls of Heavy’s shirt in his hands, staring up at the giant urgently.

He’d been so careful around the team. He was not an old man; in some places even a rumor of homosexuality could get one killed. He’d even gone drinking with the enemy Demoman, just to start a rumor about himself having a wife. Anything to hide it.

But Heavy was…nosy. And persistent. He’d asked about the wife enough that Medic had to give up the ruse and admit he was not married. Then Heavy started asking about Medic’s tastes in women, and his past relationships. It was just like everything else that Heavy did: loud, brash, and utterly shameless. Heavy was not dimwitted, and the more that he’d learned, the more obvious it was that Medic was not straight.

So when they’d defeated BLU with an unprecedented offensive surge, it had been almost natural for the duo to cheer. The rest of their team had died, whisked off to wait for the agonizing Respawn time, but they’d had an Ubercharge and it seemed foolish to wait.

That was when Heavy kissed him, during humiliation, with some of BLU in plain sight. Medic didn’t know if anyone on their team had seen, and it wasn’t until much later that he gained the confidence to confront Heavy about it.

"Why would you do that?" He repeated, less urgently. He searched Heavy’s expression for anything. The silence was unnerving, as was the unreadable expression. Medic felt an ache that he hadn’t felt in years, mingling with the pain and shock of being found out.

"It seemed like good idea." Heavy shrugged, carefully plucked Medic’s hands from his shirt, and continued on to his room. He didn’t know what his next move would be, but he could see that he’d had the desired effect on the doctor.

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Roses are RED

Violets are BLU


We’re all fuckin’ flowers.



mrsalt's amazing doodles to me haha :D

Yes. Only you get my dumb doodles (;


A transparent congaing Demonstration Man for all your transparent congaing Demonstration Man needs


scout i think mostly everyone is out of your league lol

mrsalt showed me this design and said it reminded her of scout: x
so i decided to draw Scout wearing it (;゙°´ω°´)


when u crouch in front of other team to b friends but they kill u 




dont worry

Truly an inspiration